Why study the law?

Studying the law is empowering.

Our Vision

To be the preferred learning platform for studying Philippine Law.

Our Mission

To create simple, easy-to-learn, and reliable content from articles, videos, podcasts, courses, and masterclass, among others. 


LAWMENTORINCENTER.COM is built and designed for one and one purpose: to be the best way to learn Philippine Law.

We are fully aware of the difficulties and challenges of those who are studying the law, from beginners to advance, and sometimes even to those who are already have substantial experience. 

Learning the law can be very daunting. It is with this in mind that we aim to develop and design learning content that will address this problem.

Why study the Law

Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith, so provides Article 3 of the Civil Code. It is thus in the interest of everyone to learn as much about the law as possible. It can mean the difference from avoiding liability to being held liable and facing imprisonment and/or huge fines.

Learning the law is empowering

Our Audience

Many are hence drawn to learning about the law, from students, professionals, entrepreneurs or business owners, to law enthusiasts.


There are students who are studying the law, such as those taking up law, accountancy, criminology, legal management, among others.


Then, there are also the professionals whose responsibilities involve or is affected by laws and regulations, such as legal, regulatory, or compliance work. These include but are not limited to lawyers, compliance professionals, human resources, data protection officers, admin-operations manager, and so on.

Entrepreneurs or Business Owners

There are also the entrepreneurs or business owners who want to ensure that they protect their companies from liabilities, such as damages from lawsuits and fines/penalties from regulatory violations.

Law Enthusiasts

And, of course, there are the law enthusiasts who are eager to learn about the law to improve their knowledge and skills, as well as know about their rights and obligations under the law.